Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, Affiliation No : 3530497, School No : 81720

Academic Activities


The Drona School recognizes that teaching and learning, and the assessment of that learning, are fundamentally interdependent. Learning in Drona School is thus based on assessment carried out in order to:

  • Build up a clear picture of the student and his or her interests
  • Identify what and how the student is thinking and learning
  • Assess the effectiveness of the environment on the student’s learning
  • Extend the student’s learning


Have differing learning styles, have different cultural experiences, expectations and needs, perform differently according to the context of learning, See self assessment and peer assessment as a natural part of the learning process, need to know their achievements and areas for improvement in the learning process, should receive feedback that is positive and constructive.

drona-school-dehradunConferences and Reports:

Parents, teachers and students are all viewed as partners in learning. Parent-teacher conferences, student-led conferences, three-way conferences and reports are used throughout the year as a means of informing students and parents of learning and progress. Parents are expected to attend all of the conferences. Parents are always welcome to arrange conferences at school and, likewise, the School may initiate a conference with parents at any time during the year. Student-led conferences are held once a year and are an opportunity for students to share their learning with their parents/guardians. Students will share their portfolios during this time and also show their parents/guardians around their class/school. All parents/guardians and students are expected to attend student-led conferences. The dates of the conferences can be found on the calendar.