Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, Affiliation No : 3530497, School No : 81720

Sports & Games

Life's greatest lessons are learnt on the games field and sports create an equal opportunity to be different. At Drona School Physical Education is an integral and daily part of the School routine. All students are expected to play games regularly. All sports disciplines are given equal importance and are played with great enthusiasm under the guidance of specialised coaches. School teams regularly participate in district, state and national level tournaments.

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The School also provides facilities for sports like Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Athletics, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Hockey, Gymnastics, Roller & Inline Skating, Teakwood and other traditional and modern outdoor games.

Co-curricular Activities

In order to bring about a fuller development of the child's personality, considerable emphasis is laid on cocurricular activities. Particular care is taken to ensure that shy and diffident children participate actively in various activites, which form an integral part of school life in The Drona School.

It is only through this exposure that a child becomes aware of his/her special interests and talents. This in turn allows a child to receive appreciation and acclaim and to grow with confidence. This confidence then gets reflected in other areas leading to all round growth and progress.

Our co-curricular activities include hobbies, publications, special interest clubs including community service. The nature and range of these activities are not static and continue to evolve as per the interests and talents of the student body and the faculty. The co-curricular activities offered include art & craft, clay modeling and pottery, sculpture, Indian dance and Indian & Western music.