Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, Affiliation No : 3530497, School No : 81720

The School

drona-schoolAs one of the Best school in Pachwadun and Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education Delhi. The Drona School way of learning revolves around the child. The child's participation, experience, voice and opinion are what matters to us the most. Our mission as teachers and mentors is to enable your children to realize their potential, harness their talents and make their dreams come true. We aim at providing an education, which develops all the faculties of the child, help him to think and work independently and create within him an insatiable quest for knowledge.

The Drona School established in the year 2002 is the most centrally located school in Sahaspur, Dehradun. The Governing body consists of eminent educationists, professionals and social workers having educational and administrative experience.

The development of the spark of creativity, the ability to solve the daily problems, physical and emotional well being are essential for every child and we strive to achieve these within the ambit of the social, spiritual and a moral setting. It is our earnest endeavour to provide the child with ample opportunities to manifest himself in whichever field of curricular activities he desires to opt for.

drona-schoolEach Class is limited to twenty to thirty students and the Children are encouraged to converse in English. The classes are equipped with up-to-date Nursery Apparatus. School pays proper attention to Extra-curricular activities with the ultimate aim of harmonious development of the child. Proper attention is paid to impart life skills through physical training and games also.

The total programme at The Drona School addresses the whole child emphasizing the development of total personality. Our


  • To introduce the child the joys of learning through companionship and recreational activities.
  • To stimulate and satisfy the child's curiosity about his environment and provide opportunity to discover and explore with hands on material.
  • To channelize his energy through recreational activities.
  • To develop the child's ability to express his thoughts and feeling in a fluent language and in a confident manner. Thus to develop his/her communicative skills.
  • To orient the child to develop self-confidence, self-dependability, honesty and social skills though group interaction.
  • To inculcate good habits, social manners and etiquettes among children.
  • To enlarge the mental horizons and broaden the outlook of the children.


The Drona School has been a pioneer in imparting quality education to its students. We believe that bright future of a student can only be built by endless small efforts, undertaken daily, that eventually grow into a series of satisfying wins.

Our vision is to build integrated, young students who are capable of fulfilling their dreams and become aesthetically rich and capable members of society. Therefore, we aim to transform lives by creating and sharing knowledge, while instilling values that prepare leaders for tomorrow..


Our primary objective is to facilitate the all round development of all children in a safe and nurturing environment, enabling every child to develop into a well-adjusted, confident, free-thinking global citizen. Drona School seeks to empower each student to actualize their potential, to be confident in their endeavours whilst imbibing values of humility, work ethic, honesty, duty and legacy.

True Education means preparation for life and moves beyond the confines of academics and extra-curricular activities. We aim to help a student develop emotionally and spiritually through a strong value system that has been incorporated in the curriculum.